I'm Leslie Castaneda, RN, Health Coach, Mom-preneur, Reader-Learner, Life & Nature Lover...

I'd say I grew up health conscious. My family worked on farms and 75% of our backyard was comprised of home grown vegetables. Moving into teenage-hood in Las Vegas, I was unconsciously - subtly influenced to eat and drink junk. I found myself becoming increasingly sluggish and feeling ashamed of how I felt in my body. I slowly found my way to conscious eating again and am feeling more confident and in LOVE with my body than I ever have.

I believe that being healthy is a choice. It's something that, if we want to live and BE, we must learn, and turn our attention and focus over to it. Every Body is unique and requires special attention and care. ALL of how we live - everything about our world, affects our health and well-being…

I started cheers to health because I want to help you learn about alternative means to being healthy, tune into your body's innate wisdom to guide you to releasing unwanted weight, feel more energized, and feel less stressed so that you can focus on your  your top priority things to be done.

I love helping my clients discover the right foods and ways of living that's true for them, developing a success action plan, holding them accountable, developing the CONFIDENCE to trust their inner intuition and learning to transform JUDGEMENT into SELF-LOVE. 

My Loves Outside of Work:

I love spending time with my hubby Antonio, son, friends and family, being Mommy to my charismatic toddler, scrapbooking photos, replenish my soul through journaling, reading, having nourishing eats [occasionally indulging in yummy, Kettle honey-dijon or jalapeño chips] and surrounding myself in nature's beauty. I love music of ALL sorts, but if you ask me the name & the title, God help me with the answer! We are excitedly moving into a new home with more space! and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our baby girl!!  

I would love to get to know you. If you're feelin' curious about how and if we may be a good fit to work together, e-mail me at leslie@cheerstohealth.com so I can set aside time to connect. Looking forward to hear from you!

Professional Bio

Registered nurse, transformational health coach, writer, and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Leslie is on the mission to educate others on alternative choices to optimizing health and learning to listen to the body's innate wisdom by tuning into our natural-born intuition, allowing them to release weight, stress, and to BE CONFIDENTLY living in their bodies, with LOVE.

With more than 10 years working in the acute hospital setting, currently in a specialized stroke intensive care unit, Leslie has witnessed the devastating effects of stress, lifestyle choice, and has heard the cries of patient's intentions and desires to MOVE towards health, but lacking the support and accountability to do so. Leslie has helped men, women, and patients feel empowered about their health through education and health coaching.