Working with "Coach Leslie" was extremely difficult for the first couple of sessions. I was going through a financial crisis, in the middle of a divorce, a full-time student, and working 40 hours plus a week; all at the same time being a devoted father. Yes! The stress that I was facing was way more than I thought I can handle. Everything just seemed too difficult until she helped me change my outlook on life.

No one can force me to change; only I possess that power. Coach opened my eyes by revealing the truth to me, without damaging my will power, by showing me how strong I really am. This is a gift that Coach Leslie has. She did way more than inspire me to change! She saved me with mental exercises, emotional insights, and helped me accomplish goals that I never imagined I could. Her intention was for me to live a self fulfilling prophecy, rather than just telling me what to eat and how to work out.

I first weighted in at 225 lbs. I set a huge goal; I wanted to reward myself for my 34th birthday by weighing in at 190 lbs, by losing 31 lbs. Thanks to Coach Leslie I was able to carry out this goal.

My bad habits along with high levels of stress accompanied with the nicotine addiction made my lifestyle toxic, headed to a life of health issues. I tried diets in the past, carried the label as typical gym drop out and never knew the importance of staying committed to a lifestyle change. The accomplishments and commitments like being an honor role student and staying committed to a healthy lifestyle - I thought were impossible. 

~ Jason, 34, Aspiring Nurse & Devoted Father - San Pablo, CA      


you opened the door for me... 

"I would like to say Thank You Leslie Castaneda for helping me a lot to change many different ways in my life. You opened the door for me to find different ways and different kinds of foods to help my weight come down. Thank you again!"

~ Marisa, 52, Owner of Little Bears Daycare - Albany, CA



"Several years ago, I had started to work with Leslie to change my diet but life got in the way and I did not pay the attention I should have.

About a year ago, my doctor sent me an email that my blood sugar was high and so was my cholesterol - 'start dieting and exercising.'

The problem was that was all the information I got!  I was actually rather angry - I knew nothing about how to start to change my sugar level. Kaiser offered some general classes but no one was giving me any guidance. Especially not the doctor.

What Leslie gave me was better than the information I discovered because she broke it down by types of food to eat - she gave me a cook book, she gave me local places to find the right food - but most importantly, she gave me amazing support. She spent time with me, explained things to me, answered questions and found answers. She sent me emails regarding certain foods right for me.

What Leslie offers is not just how to eat but how to live healthy. And she doesn't hand you a book and say here it is.  She works with you and supports you. After the abrupt email from my Dr., I began to appreciate just what it means to have someone to turn to.

Going back to all that Leslie had taught me....I changed my blood sugar and cholesterol and I am no longer in danger of Type 2 Diabetes. 

I recommend that anyone in need of changing their diet and looking for a healthier way should sign up Leslie - you don't have to do this alone."

~ Ilene, Sales Professional - San Francisco, CA