From Exhausted to Energized: A 4 Week Series to Help You Maintain Your Cool Throughout the Year

coming soon!! starting in March, 2016...

Do you feel you’ve got responsibilities overflowing your plate and find it emotionally and physically challenging, or find yourself saying you “don’t have time” – to prioritize care for YOU?

Do you secretly worry that you’ll eventually run yourself ragged and fear that maybe you’ll miss out? Do you worry that the way your living your life is going to eventually compromise your health and well-being?

Of course you want to BE more alive and energetic, peaceful, calm, and relaxed. But how can you when you know you’ve got so many things to juggle at one time? You just want to feel better.

I am a working parent, also pursuing entrepreneurship. I know EXACTLY what it’s like…

In college, I don’t know how I survived as I became chronically fatigued and could barely get myself out of bed, even after sleeping for 10-12+ hours. My diet was crap, I was an emotional mess, I had done too much. It all caught up with me. As a working parent also starting a business, I knew I could NOT allow myself to feel that way again. I have too much at stake now… a family and my ability to make income.

By allowing me to be with ME (timing myself out) and do the things that bring me JOY, while letting go of doing certain activities and even thinking in a certain way, I feel much happier about myself – and have a happier family as a result. I have more time and energy to do the things I WANT to be doing versus what I don’t want to be doing.

It certainly takes constant effort to keep reminding myself that I can ONLY care for others when I am caring for myself. So -- I decided to create an educational tool to teach others what I’ve learned and do… at the same time reminding myself that this is what’s necessary if I want to Create the Life I Want to Live.

“From Exhausted to Energized” was then born. This four week training series is about helping you put your self-care on the top of your list, especially when life decides to throw that unexpected curveball and doubt, fear, or worry starts to set in. When we take time to nurture our desires and needs during a stressful period, everything in life flows easier. We are happier despite the current circumstances and are able to “roll with the punches” with ease. In this course, you will re-connect with your self, re-discover what nourishes your heart, mind & soul, and re-awaken your purpose for the things you do, making it easier for you to consistently choose self-care as a priority. This is what it means to be truly healthy… to nourish your inner spirit.


Here is What You Get By participating in this 4 week course…

·      Learn and understand the physiological effects of chronic stress

·      Learn what activities are worth doing versus which ones to let go of

·      Learn what drains and disconnects you from you

·      Learn tips, tricks, strategies, and ideas for incorporating healthy eating into your routine

·      The necessary mindset to a healthy, active life

·      Participate in activities and exercises to help you instantly implement what you learn

·      Learn easy, cheap, stress less activities

·      Learn how cleaning up clutter can free up energy

·      Receive resources and handouts to assist you with healthy eating


What You Will Be Learning Each Week:


Week 1: Making Time Out a Priority

Taking care of our selves is the easiest thing to move to the bottom of the list. We KNOW self-care is a priority today – but it can be done tomorrow… next week, next month, next year. Something is ALWAYS more important than taking time out for our selves. The truth is – our lives would be significantly compromised without our health and well-being. Our future generation is calling us to teach them to live vibrantly, happily, energetically, and with purpose. It’s time to be an example to our loved ones. This first week is all about connecting with your Why’s. What’s important to you? What makes all that you do worth it? This week you will explore the meaning behind your life and laser in on what activities are worth doing versus which ones to let go of.

Week 2: Managing Energy with Lifestyle and Technique

Life is Full! How can you possibly make room for self care when responsibilities are constantly calling your name?! Wouldn’t life be easier if you had someone at your side telling you what’s the Right thing to be doing, at any given moment? The Reality is: YOU DO! Your conscience tells you this… when you’re calm and relaxed enough to be aware of it. During this time of the series, you will learn what drains and disconnects you from you. Learn to re-connect with what nourishes your heart, mind, and soul so that someone (your conscience) ensures you’re doing what’s right for YOU, at any given moment.

Week 3: Managing Energy with Healthy Eating

What’s for dinner tonight?! (Uhhh--- hmmmm?) What we feed our bodies is a necessary part of being healthy. But there’s no time to cook or think about preparing a healthy meal!! Organization, planning, OR perhaps delegation is what’s key to maintaining the food part ofnourishment. Busy life doesn’t mean you have to compromise in this area. With a few trips, tricks, strategies, resources, and ideas, healthy eating can be incorporated into your routine.

Week 4: How to Stay Focused

After a full day of activity and work, we crave downtime and relaxation. Actually this can happen any time throughout the day when overwhelming stress, fear, or worry arises and we need an escape. The easiest thing to do may be to grab the cell, remote, computer, junk food, etc. The fastest cure to ease stress, worry, fear, and doubt is to remember to be Thankful for what currently is – and to have the courage, confidence, and faith to keep on keepin’ on. To conclude this course, this week you will learn how to organize and prioritize your life’s activities based on your WHY’s for living (refer to week 1), and tips, tricks, and strategies to scheduling, all aimed to keep you calm, relaxed, and focused throughout the year.


By the end of this 4 Week Series, You Will:

·      Take time to reflect and laser in on what’s most important, meaningful, and what makes life worth living for you

·      Re-connect with what brings you joy

·      Re-connect with what nourishes your heart, mind, and soul

·      Start making self-care a priority, no matter what

·      Organize and prioritize your life according to what adds value