Now THAT’s Completely Absurd!

I recently watched a video by my coaching mentors, Stacey and Carey, who have newly created the Health Coach Institute, discussing their processing and reasoning as they birthed the formation of this Institute. I LOVE them! Their Institute’s slogan is… “Spark the Change,” in which they see the possibility of health coaches being a mainstream thing – something that when mentioned, people go “yes, I get what a ‘health coach’ is.” They envision health coaches as being the primary change agents to our reversing the state of our country’s poor health. They talked about how smoking was once allowed on planes! They envision the future with everyone knowing what a health coach is, or at least have heard of – or know of one. Ten years from now, they envision the idea that NOT knowing what a health coach is – as being completely absurd, just like how the idea of smoking on planes is now, completely absurd.

So I got to thinking… what is something in my health that I would like to change? Something that I’m doing now, that in the near future – I could say, is completely absurd? I jumped out of bed with excitement to type this! Removing Dairy from my diet! I KNOW I have an intolerance to it… I KNOW I get weird, uncomfortable respiratory issues from it – and I would LOVE to finally be – untied to it! As I’m typing, my mind is racing with possibilities, and excuses…

  • Possibility: “Ok, in order to do this, I have to keep dairy out of the house…”
  • Excuse: “Oh, but we need to have cheese in the house. It’s a great source of calcium for my growing son.” 
  • Possibility: “Cow’s milk is ok to have in the house, I don’t like milk anyway… ice cream and cheese are not necessary.”
  • Excuse: “ But I LOVE cheese! I LOVE ice cream! (made with cow’s milk)”
  • Possibility: “Be free of nasty, thick productive sputum, recurring cough, and wheezing”
  • Excuse: “Oh, my symptoms are not THAT bad… I won’t die from it.”
  • Excuse: “Raw cheese is good for me.”

I would love to say that this time next year, consuming dairy is completely absurd, for me!

What’s something with your health that by this time next year you would love to be able to say… “That’s Completely Absurd!”

Here are a list of some the prior health habits in my life that I once did that are NOW – complete No-No’s:

  • Stopping by fast food joints on the way to- and from work

  • Eating a pound of peanut m&m’s as a study snack

  • Eating a snickers bar as a meal replacement

  • Eating Ice Cream for breakfast

What terrible habits huh?!! Just because we currently carry a bad health habit doesn’t mean that we can’t change it.

  1. So what is it a year from now that you would like to say “That’s Completely Absurd” to?
  2. What do you have to do to make that happen?
  3. And what are you WILLING to do today to take the first step towards making that happen?!