How Your Kidneys Can Be Affected By High Blood Pressure?

Did you know that your kidneys are affected by your blood pressure? Yep… in order to have healthy kidneys – you’ve got to have healthy blood pressure. In order to have a healthy blood pressure…


1.     Know what’s normal and not normal

2.     You have to monitor it (go get it checked!!)

3.     Know what YOUR normal is

4.     Know what AFFECTS your normal

5.     Know how to change your numbers to get them back to normal

Normal blood pressure in the medical community is considered less than 120-130/80-85, roughly. Once your blood pressure goes above 140/90, consistently, your Doctor can say that you have high blood pressure and may prescribe you something to bring it down to normal.

* 120 (the top number) = what is called systolic, is when contraction of your heart muscle occurs, pushing blood into your circulatory system.

* 80 (the bottom number) = what is known as diastolic, is when relaxation of your heart muscle occurs, and your heart fills up with blood. 

WHY should I CARE to know these numbers?

Your kidneys have über important functions, just like the rest of your organs. When your blood pressure is consistently high, these functions become impaired… 

· Making urine

· Excreting waste

· Regulating electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc).

· Controls water balance

· Controls blood pressure

· Regulates production of red blood cells

· Helps to make Vitamin D into it’s active form

Generally, you will NOT have signs that your blood pressure is high. It is known as the silent killer for this reason. It must be checked with a blood pressure monitor. You can do this at your doctor’s office, you can purchase one (they’re easy to use), or you can go to a local drugstore or pharmacy area of a grocery store, where FREE blood pressure monitoring areas are available.

We covered numbers 1 and 2 above, what’s normal/not normal, and that you have to get it checked in order to know what it is. Now that you know the basics of what these numbers mean, your action for this week is to work on numbers 3 and 4… go get it checked: What’s Your Blood Pressure? And What Affects Your Normal? This one may take some time to figure out… and generally, if your blood pressure is mostly normal – it’s not something to worry about and go a checkin’ unless there’s a reason to keep monitoring it. In order to know more about number 5, stay tuned for the next issue… What Affects Your Blood Pressure?

ACTION: Check Your Blood Pressure! What is it?

Comment below and share what you’ve discovered about yourself and/or your numbers!