Who Do You THINK You Are?!

I thank our nanny, Jayne, as being my muse for this article. In a conversation, I spoke about growing up feeling afraid of letting my parents down, my mother in particular. I suppose that’s a perfectly normal feeling. Our parents have such high expectations of us that we are SO, incredibly afraid of being anything less than they imagined us to be. Living up to these expectations can either motivate or paralyze us. What I find so amazing about all this is that we get to witness the magic of WHO WE TRULY ARE – unfold -- as we grow up and figure… we are not our parents. We are separate beings… and we get to choose how we play out our lives.

I LOVE the title of this article! Because I feel that often times we are living the life that someone else dreamed up for us… the life that someone else expected of us… the life we thought we wanted… the life other than what we truly, deeply, WANT for ourSELVES. For many of us, at very young ages, we created and built protective layer-- after layer-- after layer-- to hide our true but hurt souls in order to keep those around us happy. Or, we find ourselves in our adult years keeping busy with the day to day that we get lost in the daily shuffle and suddenly find ourselves with a sense of unknown dis -- ease: anxiety, depression, loneliness, emptiness, and pain… we start to ask ourselves, “What the F--- is Wrong With Me?!” IF --- we allow ourselves to begin the journey of RE-discovering the parts of us that were buried years ago, we can come back to the internal, familiar feeling we can call home; our true identity. 

If you ARE feeling a sense of any of the above described feelings, I invite you to ponder a few of the most important questions we will ever have to answer in our lives.

Who AM I?

WHY am I Doing What I am Doing?

What Do I Really, Really Want?

I am learning to appreciate the beauty and nature of the fall season… a contracting time of year in which mother earth is telling us to SLOW DOWN. She’s created the longer, darker days to allow our minds and bodies to rest, to gather and give Thanks for the fruit of the year…and some time to prepare and transition for next season’s harvest.

Now, Who Are You Really? Why are you doing what you’re doing? And what, if money and circumstance was NO obstacle, would you truly, truly want?!

Cheers to the Fall Season! During this time, I challenge you to slow down, go inwards, and cozy up next to the fireplace with your special drink and good company, whether your company is your family, friends, your journal, or your book!