The Secret to Re-Discovering You

Re-Discovering Yourself

In the last issue, you may have noticed a different type of article. Different in the sense that it touched a deeper part of you: one that you may resonate with. If you missed last week’s issue, click here to catch up. As I continue to work with patients and clients, as I learn, evolve, and grow myself, my intuition has always told me that the root of all major health issues begins with self. Our ability to fully and completely LOVE who we are; the past AND the present, to accept all that’s happened in our lives. Without being to honor where we’ve been and where we are, moving forward can be challenging. I had always believed that major stress has the ability to catapult our bodies into undue medical crises. In the book, Molecules of Emotion: Why You Feel the Way You Feel, Candace B. Pert shares the scientific evidence in which our bodies really do experience chemical changes based on what we’re thinking and feeling.

Last week I touched on identity as being the anchor to our health. What does that mean? As we experience our life, our previously held values, perceptions, and beliefs begin to change, as do we. When you start to feel lost, question what you value. How is it different than before? How is this changing WHO YOU ARE as a person, and how is it affecting your life?

In numerous conversations with patients, I’ve found there to be a common denominator among people who don’t have the health they wish to have: the first I had identified was stress (an effect), the second – root (cause) of stress: extreme difficulty slowing down, going inward, being present, and whom have lost their innate ability to connect their mind with body, body with mind. 

So – here it is, the secret to re-discovering who you are. It’s not new info. I figure most likely you’ve heard it before. But for some reason, it can be the most challenging thing on earth to do!

Allow yourself Time to Be Alone. Quiet Time. No interruptions. Don’t bring your phone or electronics! Hide. Let whatever needs to come up, come up. Cry. 

I know, I know. This might be too much for you. That’s ok. Why am I talking about all this anyway? Aren’t I supposed to be a health coach and what does this have anything to do with health? I hope you’re able to make the connection. It has everything to do with your health.  

Dis-ease occurs when we are severely misaligned with the root of our identity. There’s something we’re not willing to look at about ourselves.

This year, before November-December comes and the hustle n’ bustle of the holiday season arrives, go inward. Who Do You See?