6 Tips to Eating a Thanksgiving Feast Without Regret

It’s that time of year! Not just Thanksgiving, but the holidays in general – a time when sweets and yumminess are widely available. While it can be tough to hold back during a time when good, comfort food is such a big part of the holiday, here are some tips to help you get through the dinner/meal without regret.

1.  Eat your regular meals before you go to the thanksgiving event. A big mistake people make on this day is that they starve themselves before getting there and end up not just over-eating, but eating anything and everything that’s available. Be Selective!

2.  On your first round of eats, load up your plate with the healthiest items available: a salad, greens, green beans, any veggies! This will help to fill you up on the good stuff before you get to the not-so-good food items that’ll may make you feel not-so-good.

3.  Allow yourself to have some not-so-goods AFTER you’ve loaded up on the goods. That way you get a taste of whatever you want to have and you walk away feeling more satisfied than deprived.

4.  If the food is served buffet style, eat AWAY from the food (where you can’t see it) to keep yourself from being tempted to eat anything and everything in front of you.

5.  Stick to water/sparkling water as your beverage of choice, if you can. If you must have an alcoholic beverage to celebrate Thanksgiving – try to choose plain red wine, if available, versus a mixed drink, which generally contain syrups and additional empty calories or beer. Feels better to know that you at least have some antioxidants in your beverage.

6.  Most important - Be Thankful for all in your life and enjoy the holiday! 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your friends and family!! I am grateful to be able to share my passion or health and wellness with you, and that you are equally passionate enough to be reading. :) Cheers to Your Health!